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Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting Services in Grand Prairie, Arlington, Mansfield, Cedar Hill and select surrounding areas.

Ensuring the safety and well-being of your pets is our top priority.
Recognizing that each pet is unique, we customize our care approach to
meet the specific needs, preferences, and routines of your pets. Your satisfaction is our guarantee, and we are committed to providing you with a happy and worry-free pet care experience.

"We trust Janeé and her staff members completely and our dogs love her and her team. We receive photo and text updates throughout each dog-sitting session. Very happy with the services this business provides." Laura

In Home Pet Sitting

four small dogs panting and looking happy playing in grass

While you’re traveling, let us come to your home to care for your pets as an alternative to kenneling or boarding.

We will always make sure your home is left safe and secure and your pets are happy and healthy. 

When you're away, we step in with a comprehensive care routine that you provide us, ensuring your pets receive the level of care you need.

Offered for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and other household pets. Dogs require a minimum of two visits daily. One visit in the morning, and one visit in the evening. For those extra TLC moments, choose our optional mid-day drop-ins. Cats require at least one daily visit.

What to Expect: Your pets will receive one-on-one attention, feeding, fresh water, treats, exercise/playtime, cleaning any messes, litter box scooped and visit report updates after every visit to keep you updated on their care!

Your Home: We offer courtesy home care chores. We will retrieve both the mail & newspaper, take out the trash, water indoor and outdoor plants, Interchanging lights and curtains.

$25 for 15 minutes

$32 for 30 minutes

Mid Day Visits

woman reaching over to let a small dog out of its crate

Tailored to meet the needs of puppies, senior dogs, or just some extra TLC time, these mid day breaks are designed to provide a quick but meaningful visit, ensuring their comfort, well-being, and overall happiness.

​We'll address any immediate needs your dog may have, such as a quick potty break or a refreshing drink of water. This is also perfect for maintaining a consistent routine for puppies aiding in potty training.

We'll also take the time to offer belly rubs, and soothing interactions, providing reassurance and comfort to your dog.

Our Mid Day Visits are performed Monday-Friday between 11:00am-2:00pm. 

$32 for 30 minutes

$25 for 15 minutes

Extended Stay Pet Sitting

woman sitting down with an orange cat standing on her lap and she is petting the cat

Need someone to keep your pet company for an extended period? Our Extended Stay Pet Sitting service has got you covered! 

Perfect for owners of anxious dogs, those wanting a caring companion for their pets during a night out, or families with special needs pets. Our Pet Care Specialists are here to ensure your pets feel loved and secure in the comfort of their own home. 

With time frames customizable from one hour to a consistent 5-7 hours.

Starting at $64 for 1 hour

*$55 for continuous hours

Goodnight Service

dog laying down on a couch looking pretty

With our premium Goodnight Service, we go above and beyond by staying with your pets for a full 2 hours in the evening. This extended timeframe allows us to replicate their regular evening routine, ensuring they feel secure and well-cared for.

What to Expect: Our experienced Pet Care Specialists will handle tasks such as feeding them their evening meal, providing necessary medication if required, and tending to any specific needs they may have.

We also take the time to let them out for bathroom breaks and assist in settling them down for bedtime, whether it's tucking them into their favorite sleeping spot or providing soothing companionship.


In addition to the full 2 hours, we return in the morning  for a full half-hour visit to get them started for the day!


How it works...

Complimentary Enrollment Meeting: During our free in-home meeting at your residence, we discuss routines, needs, and ensure a perfect match for your pets. Additional visits to discuss new needs, meet new pets or a sitter, are charged at our normal half hour rate.

Book Your Pet Sitting Service: Effortlessly schedule your services with our user-friendly mobile app. Experience the convenience of managing your pet care at your fingertips.

Receive Passionate Pet Care: Trust in top-notch care for your pets, ensuring their happiness and well-being with our dedicated Pet Care Specialists.

Communicate Effectively: Receive thorough visit reports with pictures after each service, providing you with detailed insights into your pet's care and activities.

Customize care plans according to your pet's specific needs.

More personalized and stress-free experience.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Pet Sitters 

Ensures your pets are happy, relaxed, and secure in the comfort of their own home.

Helps maintain their regular routine, crucial for pets who thrive on consistency.

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Bonded and Insured Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers

Passion Pet Care Services
Providing professional pet care since 2014. Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers in Grand Prairie, Arlington, Mansfield, Cedar Hill, and other surrounding cities. 


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