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woman walking a small dog on a leash

Dog Walking

Dog Walking Services in Grand Prairie, Arlington, Mansfield, Cedar Hill and select surrounding areas.

Entrusting your pup to a professional dog walker ensures that your pet receives the essential physical exercise needed for their overall health and vitality. If your busy schedule limits the time you can devote to walks, Passion Pet Care steps in to provide the exercise your pet deserves.

"Best pet sitting service in DFW. We’ve been using Passion since we moved here almost 9 years ago and I would always recommend them! The attention to my fur babies is top notch! Honestly, we have tried other services in the past and they cannot even begin to compare to the compassion Passion shows. I’ve never had a bad experience and my pets love them!"

Benefits of Dog Walks

When the demands of your schedule make it challenging to allocate time for daily walks, our dedicated services step in to provide essential physical exercise. Regular walks are crucial for maintaining your pet's health, weight, and overall happiness.



Physical HealthRegular, structured walks contribute to improved cardiovascular health by keeping your pet active. The increased activity enhances your pet's joint and muscle health, promoting flexibility and reducing the risk of stiffness or arthritis, especially in senior pets. These walks serve as an effective outlet for excess energy, reducing the likelihood of behavioral problems such as excessive barking, chewing, or digging.

Mental stimulation: Exploring different environments, encountering various scents, and interacting with the outside world all play a role in keeping your pet mentally engaged. It also aids in preventing boredom and promoting a happier, more contented pet.

Beyond physical and mental health benefits: Hiring a professional dog walker from Passion Pet Care fosters a stronger bond between you and your pet. Our experienced walkers provide not only exercise but also attention, love, and positive reinforcement during each visit, ensuring your pet feels valued and cared for.

woman giving a dog some water while on a walk

Dog Walking Services

woman walking a big dog on a leash

Our dog walking services at Passion Pet Care are designed for your pet's prime mid-day needs.

Whether you require a daily or weekly walk, we offer flexibility with 30-minute or 15-minute visits to suit your schedule.

Each visit includes a water refresh, engaging TLC time, and a treat, ensuring your pup enjoys a well-rounded and personalized experience tailored just for them.

Our Dog Walks are performed Monday-Friday between 11:00am-3:30pm. 

$32 for 30 minutes

$25 for 15 minutes

How it works...

Complimentary Enrollment Meeting: During our free in-home meeting at your residence, we discuss routines, needs, and ensure a perfect match for your pets. Additional visits to discuss new needs, meet new pets or a sitter, are charged at our normal half hour rate.

Book Your Dog Walk Service: Effortlessly schedule your services with our user-friendly mobile app. Experience the convenience of managing your pet care at your fingertips.

Receive Passionate Pet Care: Trust in top-notch care for your pets, ensuring their happiness and well-being with our dedicated Pet Care Specialists.

Communicate Effectively: Receive thorough visit reports with pictures after each service, providing you with detailed insights into your pet's care and activities.

 Our professionals understand the individual needs of each dog, ensuring a tailored and attentive walking experience.

Dogs thrive on routine and consistency. Our dog walkers establish a reliable routine for your pet, ensuring they get the exercise and attention they need.

Your pet’s safety is our top priority. Our professional dog walkers are trained to handle various situations, and we use secure leashes.

With Passion Pet Care, your dog isn’t just taken for a walk; they embark on a tailored and enjoyable adventure that prioritizes their well-being.

Why Hire Professional Dog Walkers?

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