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5 Tips For Working From Home With Your Dog

Home offices are becoming more popular, and if you own a dog then it’s likely that they’ll end up sharing your workspace. There can be new challenges when working from home with your pup – like them barking during Zoom meetings or whining at your office door for attention. We’ve got some helpful tips to help you, and your dog, navigate your new working environment.

Start your day off with a walk together. Start your day on a walk with your dog. Not only is it a great way to get some fresh air and exercise, but it can also help to clear your head and prepare for the day ahead. Walking with your dog is a great opportunity to bond and spend some quality time together. It will also help them burn off some energy which could lead to less disruptions during your workday and help to establish structure for your dog.

Create an independent space for your dog. Everyone values a space to call their own. This is no exception when it comes to your dog. Your dog will have peace of mind knowing they have an area to retreat to if they are feeling overwhelmed, tired, etc. Creating a space with a dog bed, toys, and maybe even their own blanket will give your dog a sense of security and could also help keep them away from your workspace or even off furniture they’re not wanted on.

Use enrichment toys for mental stimulation. Dog enrichment toys are interactive toys that challenge them with some sort of puzzle or activity. There is usually a reward for engaging with the toy, oftentimes a treat. Using these toys keeps your dog having fun and mentally and physically stimulated... all while you type away at your computer uninterrupted. Win!

Don't give in to your dog's demands for attention. Of course, there are times when your dog is seeking your attention for an important reason. These times should be more obvious as your dog is probably acting differently than usual. However, if your dog is just looking for some petting or a treat, it is better to not give in during times when it might not be necessary. If you start teaching your dog that it is acceptable for them to whine until they get a treat while you’re working, this will become a habit for them and will be hard to unteach. This will also distract you from your work. Being able to avoid it can be a game-changer.

Schedule extra TLC services for your dog. It may seem unnecessary since you are home, but having someone stop by throughout the day to give your dog their undivided attention is a great way to break up your day and keep your dog happy and healthy. You can keep focused on your work without any guilt, knowing that your dog is out with one of their best buddies on a walk, playing in the living room, or in the backyard engaged in an enthralling game of fetch!

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